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What can you do right now against COVID-19?

I’m not going to tell you about social distancing or washing your hands etc I will save that for the governments and medical officials who understand these things better than me a small business owner. What I want to see you do is to support your friends who have small businesses. You may have heard the statement “Pay me, so I can pay him and then he can pay you”. Nothing is truer than that statement today.

Our economy relies a lot on what we do and often looks how we feel. So, if you look defeated then so too will the economy.

You don't have to give anything extra to anyone that you wouldn’t normally give.

Simply place an order, contact someone for a service or refer a fellow business owner to a friend, co-worker or relative.

Go about life as you normally would. Buy your groceries as you normally would. Australia produces enough food for 75 million people and we have a population of only 25 million so we can produce 3 times the amount that we can consume yet we have been panic buying and emptying shelves. If you buy with the mentality of a doomsday prophesy, you are just setting yourself up for failure because even if you are right and the sky falls then you will have enough toilet paper to see yourself through the crisis. If you are wrong, then for the next year every time you walk past your mountain of toilet paper you will be reminded of how wrong you were.

People are constantly complaining about panic buying and empty supermarket shelves. Many of you out there may know that not all food comes from large supermarket chains. So, if you can support the local baker, local fresh fruit shop or local butcher. These people are small business owners like many of us. If we can continue to buy sensibly and even buy from a few new or different places, we will help them stay in business. Then in return if those business owners pay their suppliers and employees, we hope that they will in turn support us. Whether they buy some floor cleaning products from us to keep the floor clean or whether they pull up that dirty old carpet they can’t keep clean to put down a new timber floor that is easier to maintain and wipe down to keep clean. Every little bit will help.This is an opportunity for many out there to open their eyes and see what changes can be made and I believe on the other side of this we as individuals and hopefully as a society will be better for the experience.

Thank You

Chris Stringer

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