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“Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding services & products that meet our customers expectations.  We work very hard to understand our customers requirements and expectations, then provide them with a tailored package that fulfills their individual requirements. 

We understand that as each timber floor is unique and individual so too are our customers.”

Company Philosophy


Here at Creative Flooring Solutions we are passionate about two things, our customers and timber flooring.

We only use the finest quality timbers, adhesives and floor finishes to capture the natural beauty of real wood, and use it to turn your house into a place to be proud of.


We believe that the flooring options that we use give a far superior look and will last longer than many of the cheaper floors that some companies promote and sell.


Rest assured, with Creative Flooring Solutions, you are in the hands of true hardwood flooring experts.


Each hardwood has its own unique appeal and all our wood types can be used in different floor designs and we can even design features specifically for your home, giving your hardwood floors true distinction. Different finishes, borders, and inlays can also help to make your wood floor truly unique. Mixing different hardwood types together gives a fabulous effect to wood floors and any pattern of your choice can be created.


Our experience gained through hard work means we can advise you on the best hardwood flooring for your particular installation. At Creative Flooring Solutions, we work hard to enjoy every project we work on, so that it is completed to the highest possible standard. The result is a long list of satisfied customers who can take pleasure in their floors for years after installation. Please come in and have a look at the timbers we have on display in our showroom and discuss how we can help you make a real difference in your house.

Why buy from Creative Flooring Solutions?


Our best sales policy is your recommendation which is why we take such great pride in ensuring your floor receives complements from all your friends and family.


You can pay more or pay less for a wood floor but can you ever be sure that you will get what you expect?


You can at Creative Flooring Solutions. We listen to what you want and offer our expertise to come up with the best possible floor for your application. A major part of our floor installation relies on proper sub-floor preparation and the use of good raw materials.

We understand that what goes under the floor is never seen, but it is as important as what goes on the surface as defects from insufficient preparation will only appear at a later stage.


We specialize is coming up with creative flooring solutions for individual needs and requirements. At Creative Flooring Solutions it is defiantly not “one floor fits all”.

Our Expert Team

Chris Stringer

David Stringer

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Our Mission

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