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Solid - Australian Timber Species

Species Hardness (Janka) Rating

Timber Grades

Select Grade:


A subtle feature grade which provides limited variation. It has a sleek uniform look. Select grade provides a floor where the feature present or natural discoloration will not dominate the appearance of the floor. Features that are permitted still include short narrow gum veins, a limited number and size of past borer activity and small knots.


Also Known as: Supreme, classic, select, prime and ABCD grades.


Standard Grade:

Distinguished by highlighting selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural variations that gives the timber a unique character. It is carefully graded to include the distinctive timber markings. Standard grade provides a floor that may have significantly more character than an select grade floor. To some degree this will depend on the features present in a particular species. In one species gum veins may naturally be prevalent while in another there may be few gum veins but past borer activity may be more prevalent. Therefore, this grade can be expected to have greater character than Select Drade and contain an increased amount of gum vein, past borer activity, knots and natural discolouration. 

Also Known As: Universal, Standard and Australiana.

High Feature Grade:

Features a high level of natural characteristics. It offers a rustic aged appearance with extenuated natural features. It has a endancy to have a shorter length as it is a recovery graded timber. High Feature grade provides a floor that contains boards with similar features to standard grade but where the length of features such as gum vins may be longer and past borer activity may be more frequent. Again depending on the species, features will vary and in some instances boards meeting high feature grade may only appear moderatly featured. It should be noted that the difference in apprearence between a medium feature-standard grade floor and a high feature grade can be quite small.

Also Known As: Feature, Natural, Rustic, Cover

Pre-Finished Engineered Timber

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