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Flooring Repairs

Do You have timber, cork, laminate or bamboo flooring that needs a repair?


Creative Flooring Solutions have been providing timber flooring repairs to our happy clients for more than 50 years.

Our team of qualified timber floor tradesman have years of experience when it comes to laying, repairing, sanding and polishing timber flooring. 


We Get your flooring looking as good as new again. See some examples of our remedial works below.

hardwood timber flooring repair
hardwood timber floor repair
hardwood timber floor sanding polishing
Insurance Repairs: Variations

In the below images you can evidently see the water damage caused to the existing flooring throughout the doorway of these two rooms.

Often when undertaking repairs for insurance claims, the insurance company will only cover areas that are considered the same room. If there is an architectural break such as a doorway, wall or archway the areas outside of this will not be covered. Due to this there is often a point of colour variation of the new flooring and the existing flooring.

In the example below, the flooring in the bedroom needed to be uplifted and replaced whilst the adjoining room was not covered by the insurance claim.  To make the repairs more aesthetically pleasing and to limit the noticeability of the repaired works, we added a header board through the doorway.

The newly installed flooring was then sanded and coated. The colour variation noticed is due to the existing coating having oxidised over time. This means that the colour darkens and/or yellows gradually. The newly coated floor will look vastly different at first however it will eventually oxidise and become the exact same colour as the existing flooring.

hardwood timber floor repair
hardwood timber floor coating
hadwood timber floor coating

Another picture of colour variation in a doorway. In this instance, we have sanded and polished the entry and stopped in a doorway. No header board was used as we did not replace the flooring. The colour variation is quite noticeable initially, however over time, the coating will oxidise and yellow/darken to become the same as the non newly coated area.

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