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Please try to protect your timber floor from future damage in the following ways:

✤ Prevent direct sunlight coming into direct contact with timber by covering windows

✤ Protect it from water in all ways (even the smallest amount of water in the right circumstances can cause a problem)

✤ Prevent mud from being tracked onto floorboards. As the mud dries, the moisture will be absorbed into the timber and may lead to timber expanding and causing further problems

✤ When spills occur, they must be cleaned correctly and immediately.

✤ Protect your timber floor from outside weather conditions by not keeping windows open during rain periods as this will cause the timber to absorb moisture and swell

✤ If house is to be sprayed for pests, protect the floor using painter tapes and drop sheets to prevent over spray from being absorbed deep into the grain of the timber

✤ If other trades are working over the top of newly installed timber floors they should show caution when dropping or dragging materials on or across floors.

✤ Floor sanding and coating should be booked after all other works are completed except for the final coat of paint to skirting and walls which should take place after the floors are polished. If paint work is completed prior to sanding and polishing it should be properly dry and cured before application of polyurethane to the floor. Edge sanders are designed to run around kitchen kickers and skirting boards therefore small touch ups may be expected in certain areas. During winter months and areas of poor ventilation drying of paintwork may be extended. Where paint is uncured it may be affected by the solvents in the polyurethane and lead to random staining of the paint. Where paint work has been completed, certain timber species' dust can be attracted and stain paint. For these reasons we recommend finishing the painting after sanding and polishing is completed and we will not be held responsible to paintwork in the ways previously mentioned.

✤ Carpets to be laid after floors are finished

✤ All gas and electrical appliances that are required to be moved should be done by qualified personnel only. Turn all pilot lights off.

✤ You may require alternative accommodation as freshly coated floors are not able to be walked on until at least the following day. Drying times vary depending on type of coating, the weather etc...

✤ It is your responsibility to ensure all furnishings unable to be moved are suitably covered, light fittings, curtains and other such items should be covered to prevent dust from entering.


Please be careful with freshly coated floors as they can easily be damaged when freshly completed. Things you should be aware of:

✤ Our sanding machines are fitted with dust extraction and we will endeavor to collect as much dust as possible, however it is virtually impossible to eliminate all dust from a job. As such;

-There will always be some dust particles that settle on the newly finished surface

-There could be a small amount of dust throughout some areas of the house

-Some dust may be evident on freshly painted walls

✤ The removal of deep cuts, gouges and stains from the boards is sometimes impossible. Boards damaged by borer are not usually filled nor will they be as glossy as the rest of the floor.

✤ The Filling of the gaps between boards is not usually done because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler and may lead to de-laminating of coating.

✤ Black Japan or stains previously applied to the outside of rooms may lead to a two tone affect.

✤ You are likely to get a variation in colour and grain between boards. As a timber is a natural product no two floors are the same, nor is any sample shown to you an exact replica of what to expect for your flooring, it is simply an indication. Timber will vary in colour and grain between species, batches and mills. The grading of the timber will bary from batch to batch & mill to mill

✤ Direct sunlight should be prevented from coming into contact with timber as it will lead to timber shrinkage and affect the colour of the coating

Find maintenance product list and care instructions below.

Maintenance Products

Care Instructions

LOBA Wax Remover 1L


Special low-odour, solvent-based deep cleaner for the fast and thorough cleaning of heavy soil and grime, lap marks and old layers of wax. Recommended for all solvent-resistant floors such as hardwood, parquet, cork, linoleum and PVC flooring.

LOBA ParkettWax 1L


Recommended for oiled and/or waxed parquet, hardwood and cork floors as well as linoleum. High-quality, liquid maintenance wax. Ideal for initial floor treatment. Seals open pores in the floor's surface, protecting the floor from dirt and grime. Gives the floor a subtle sheen along with increased resistance to moisture.

LOBA ParkettSoap 1L


Waterbased soap for oiled and waxed floorings. Cleans thoroughly and gently forms soap-layer. Removes heavy soiling and wax residue. Intensive cleaning allows the easy restoration of oiled floors without any sanding.

• Good cleaning effect

• Care effect thanks to oil replenishment

LOBA ParkettOil 1L


An easy-to-apply maintenance oil made from natural raw materials. Retains the matt finish of oiled floors; no self-polishing. The maintenance care can also be performed on sections of flooring. The maintenance oil refreshes the floor's finish while removing lap marks and other dirt and grime. Also corrects minor imperfections in the priming oil.

LOBA ParkettOil Pro 1L


The high oil content means that even markedly worn, oiled flooring can be restored to its original appearance after just one use. Especially low-odour formula.

  • For caring for badly leached, open-pored, oiled surfaces

  • Specially for re-impregnation following intensive cleaning

  • Ideal for full-surface care or partial improvements

  • Preserves the non-slip properties of oiled flooring

LOBA Cleaner 1L


Highly concentrated cleaner; strong-acting yet gentle on floors with a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Specially developed for the LOBACARE® line of maintenance products but compatible with all floor-care systems. Effectively removes grease and dirt and gives the floor a fresh and clean appearance. Recommended for all parquet, cork and multi-layer parquet flooring. Also very appropriate for the cleaning of resilient floor coverings as well as stone floors.

LOBA Care Remover 1L


The ultimate deep cleaner for heavily to very heavily soiled floors and for the removal of built-up layers of aqueous care products. Can be used in highly diluted form for maintenance cleaning. LOBA® CareRemover is pH-neutral and therefore also ideal for use on sensitive floors. Recommended for all finished parquet, cork and engineered parquet flooring. Also suitable for the deep cleaning of resilient floor coverings as well as indoor stone floors.

LOBA V6 Finish 1L


Aqueous care product for initial floor treatment; made from special PU dispersions offering long-term protection. Leaves behind a highly resilient and robust protective film which can withstand the most extreme wear. V6 Finish can only be removed mechanically and must therefore be applied carefully with an appropriate application tool. Recommended for finished parquet and cork floors, as well as resilient floor coverings, in extreme traffic areas such as department stores and supermarkets.


Available in either matt/satin or gloss.

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*Prices subject to change - contact Creative Flooring Solutions for current price of products.

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