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Bamboo Flooring

VerduraX Strand Woven Bamboo engineered with a cross laminated (plywood) substrate 

1850 x 142 x 14/3mm

VerduraX range combines the unique hardness characteristics of strand woven bamboo as its wear layer, the wear layer is then high pressure bonded onto a stable plywood base. The plywood substrate is cross laminated to provide excellent dimensional accuracy in both its radial and linear directions.

Klumpp scratch resistant water based matte coating.

3mm wear layer will perform the same as solid equivalent. Can be sanded and re-coated in the future if required.

Patented click system for easy install.

The VerduraX Bamboo flooring range is suitable for installation over "in-slab" Hydronic Heating only


Dimensions: 1850mm x 142mm x 14mm

Profile: Micro-bevel 4 sides, Patented locking system for floating installation

Hardness: Strand woven bamboo approx. Janka scale 15kN

Coating: 8 Layer process, Klumpp water based matte finish

VOC Emissions E1

Compliance: Australian fire & slip test certified

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